The Senior Division, home of Alvin the Chipmunk, has proven to be the finest senior divisionin recent Ranger history - in other words, in the years A.P. (after Phoebe). The seniors excelled in many areas - from intercamp arguing at Camp Impala to extracamp arguing at Camp Ranger. On the athletic fields the seniors showed their power behind the the pitching of Lisa Klugman and the batting of Marcy Ratner. The seniors pummeled Tyler Hill, 13-1. Render adverse circumstances, the seniors made a fine showing at the Kewanee Volleyball Tournament and it was the senior girls - Lisa Klugman, Janet Libby, and Linda Sternberg who emerged victorious at the Brookwood Tennis Tournament (take that super - seniors!) Not only did the seniors display their tremendous ability, but they exemplified the best in sportsmanship.
The seniors, being well - rounded individuals, demonstrated that athletics does not exclude the arts. Bunks 17 & 20 were involved in the production of Bye - Bye Birdie - one of the shows of the Ranger Playhouse season. And Who could forget (?) "I LOVE PARIS" as Bunks 15 & 16 performed in Can - Can & in the Dining room.
Wherever you went you saw seniors - seniors on bike hikes, seniors on overnights, seniors on canoe trips, seniors at Beaverkill and the Four Seasons Concert, seniors ice-skating, seniors bowling, Seniors at the waterfront ... after all, no one is perfect. All in all, it was a summer of new experiences and tremendous growth.
What was attained this summer could not have been accomplished without the help and hard work of a fine staff. To ILENE GLASER and JILL BIRNBAUM, allyn s., meryl h., Ilene E., (and a cast of thousands) my thanks for a job done above and beyond the call of duty. To the campers from Bunks 15-20 - I hope this summer was a memorable one. To all of you, I send my wishes for peace and happiness through the coming year and my hope to see you all next summer.

Fran (Alias Alvin)