At the close of the '74 season, we have found that the debs have shown improvement in all phases of camp life.
The debbies defeated Lincoln Farm in kickball; Jodi Escava made the last our; Sharon Tarnofsky, Jennifer Herman, Susan Seidman, Esther Brodwin, Randi Geiger, Lisa BArkin, Nina Robinson, Suzanne Halper made this defeat possible.
The Deb Newcomb Team: Jodi Gregory, Linda Cohen, Lisa Federman, Susan Grant, Lisa Barkin, Tina Schechter, Stacy Licbard, Cathy Baxt, Robin Forman, Diane Manolio, Lauren Hill, Debbie Firsty, Mimi Schwartz, Karen Spiro, and Esther Breadwin put a brave battle against Lincoln Farms.
The girls in the Deb-Teen group practiced very hard. Their summer to become proficient in softball. Their coach Susan Jaffa is known to make the girls HUSTLE.
Caren Friedman, Debbie Firsty, Marcy Spiegleman, Robin Forman, Jodi Gregory, Nina Robinson, Suzanne Halper, Karynn Flam, Mimi Schwartz, Stacey Wichard, Tina Schechter, Randi Geiger and Lauren Hill made the team.

Caren Friedman and Debbie Firsty were entered into the Tagola Tournament by tennis instructor Eric Linder. This was a feather in their cap.
J.J. Klein entered the Deb Teens into the Omega Invitational Swim Meet. Debbie Firsty did 25m. Freestyle. Elaine Beuber did the 25m. back. Sharon Lederman and Diana Manolio did 21 Laps 100m. mixed freestyle. The girls form was excellent only to be exceeded by their sportsmanship. Ranger placed 3rd out of 6 camps.
Elaine Beiber and Debbie Firsty will surely remember "Guys and Dolls." They received many cheers for their performance of Adelaide and Sara. The Hot Box Girls were wow! There was much applause due to a splendid performance by all.
Bunk 12 under the direction of Susan Jaffa did "mime" on Sabbath Eve. This was a very beautiful addition. Sabbath services were conducted by Susan Jaffa with the help of Lisa Barkin, Suzanne Halper, Cathy Baxt, Robin Forman, Mimi Schwartz and Elaine Beiber. It was just lovely.
My thanks to all Deb Counselors who made this summer possible. Dream pretty dreams Deb all winter, until we all meet again next summer.