For me to write a review of this years Bombers division is a tough task indeed. Major activities and achievements can be listed but it's those little events and the emotions displayed that make up a summer and these are the hardest things to put down on paper.
Let me start with the Ranger Playhouse production of Guys and Dolls, starring none other than those talented Bombers, with Matty Barkoff the lead ham, of course, other award winning performances were given by Matty Finklestein, Wayne Firsty, Steve Lichtman, and the rest of the group. Who will ever forget Matty's "Luck Be A Lady" and his kiss on the lips of Debby Firsty.
Talking about pucks, the major Bpmber sport was hockey. The league wound up with four teams and the competition was fast and furious. Captains Barry Birnbaum, Adam Stranger, Ricky Spiro, Matty Barkoff, and Matty Finklestein inspired their teams throughout the campaign. The results of the league are still undecided because the Stanley Cup Playoffs are still in progress. The leading scorer and the leagues most valuable player is the blonde Bomber, Gary Simon. The second and third leading scorers were Wayne Firsty and the most improved player of the year, Brad Roth. The hockey league proved to be a great success and this was due to the fact that the competitive spirit was upheld by the players. This resulted in two fantastic color war games and the tough loss to Kennybrook in intercamp games.

In intercamp games this year, we didn't have a winning record, but that is no reflection on the things we really got out of them. We always went in, played, and left like gentlemen. We played our hardest and our cleanest and as a result we had fun which is really the most important reason for playing. This carried through in color war when the games were fiercest, and both teams could still walk off hand in hand as athletes and men.
Last, but most important, were the Bomber counselors. My special thanks to Neil, Jon, Mark, Paul, Mike, Brian, Marty, Larry, Billy, and Bob, wherever you are, for a job well done. If not for this great counselor combination, the Bombers would never have achieved their success.
If I had to sum up the Bomber division in one word, it would be LOVE. I think the love between campers and counselors, and between the campers themselves was the main ingredient that made the Bombers. Thank you campers and counselors for a summer I'll never forget.