It is with much love and affection that I recall this summer with the Inters. The girls of bunks 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 were active participants in the events that took place this summer. Their spirit, vigor and vitality added much zest to the campus this year. They were delightful.
During the winter months we will be able to look back on many of the highlights of the summer. Of course, Carnival, Counselor Hunt and the Mystery Bus Ride were important events that we all enjoyed, but we did many other activities that brought us enjoyment. Remember the scavenger hunts, the Dutch Auction and the Hayride were all great fun. How about those delicious blueberry pies baked with the blueberries we picked ourselves? Mmmmm
Color War was a showcase for many of the athletic skills the girls learned this season. They played hard and well on the fields. Sportsmanship and good spirits were always evident. Our watermelon leagues must certainly have provided good incentive.

Bob Flax took the girls on an overnight and what a fun experience that was. Tents were pitched, meals were cooked outdoors and we were truly able to commune with nature. Thanks Bob!
Our talents were well displayed under the great direction of Barry Kaplan. "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" enacted by Bunks 6, 7 and 8 was a tremendous hit. Bunks 9 and 10 shone brightly in "Carnival." Broadway beware!
Now that the camp season is drawing to a close I hope we are all left with many pleasant memories of Ranger. Special thanks to all the wonderful people who helped fill our memory cup with happy thoughts, Aunt Jean, always there when needed, and all the Inter counselors who gave so much of themselves to make camp an especially happy time for the campers. Thank you, Inters for filling my cup with happiness.