The summer started in a Manhattan school yard. The faces all new and strange - who could imagine that 8 weeks later these strangers would be so involved in our lives that now now they are super friends. Each of us came to camp unsure of what we would find - we are leaving with memories that will remain forever.
The summer began to unfold as we met our bunkmates and counselors, Bob and Aunt Carol. As the summer unfolded we befriended the rest of our division, and indeed all of boys camp. And so, we were off - clinics in softball, basketball, hockey, rugby, and ping pong. Instruction in Swim, Boating, Golf, Boxing, Archery and the Arts. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Carnival were great shows that found us on the stage in song and dance.
Remember the midnight swim, the breakfast - canoe trip, the overnights with Frank Pioneering? - pirate Bingo, Scavenger Hunt pizza parties, Miniature Golf - Roller Skating, Color War, Carnival, Ranger Races and so much more.

But besides great activities, programs and schedules - the greatest asset of any division or camp is fine personnel; and we in the Munchkin division have the good fortune of having excellent counselors. Barry, Bob, and Mike have served Munchkins before and have all but exceeded our high expectations of them. Paul, Mark, Mitch and Ron quickly Manifested that they were valuable assets to our group. Without such a fine, loyal, devoted, unselfish staff the Munchkin program would have only sounded good. Those "Princes" have given life & love to the Munchkin and for that, we all owe deep gratitude.
Well, MUNCHKINS - the summer has ended with a blazing 1974. Remember all the fun we had, think of our new friends and look forward to a happy, healthy, peaceful life in school. You have all added meaning and division to my life. I'll think of the Munchkins - and Camp Ranger the winter through.

Dave Silver