The Munchkins

The summer of 1971 was a smorgasbord to the munchkins. Each boy brought to his group his own special quality or ability and each boy shared this quality with his friends. Like a smorgasbord, we tasted from all the possible spheres offered:

We tasted drama and found joy in the staging of Peter Pan

We tasted music and brought a boy's choir for services to Camp Ranger

We enabled at nature with walks in the woods, fishing and our animal shacks

We devoured Arts and Crafts and produced wood-works, leather goods, clay, and many other beautiful things.

We learned to swim, boat, canoe, sail, and scuba-dive.

Undefeated in Inter-camp games, we excelled in kickball, newcomb, our own basketball clinic, softball and hockey. Be it our trips to Sterling Forest, ice-skating, Bowling or a camp... each Munchkin came to Ranger with a special like and left with an understanding and appreciation for his peer's likes.

We have taken the time to see the sky, to hear Dr. Seuss, to shoot better basketball, to sing a song, to paddle a canoe, to grow and expand as human beings. We have developed much the summer... in skill and abilities... in maturity and brotherhood.

Our athletes have song... our artists have swum... and a good time was had by all the Munchkins.