August 22, 1971

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, camp is just about over, and I can't say that I'm happy about it. I am going to miss all those mornings when we heard the immortal "Wakey, Wakey, Wakey," and those clean-ups when I never did do my job anyway. I am going to miss all those general swims I was kicked out of the water for being too far from my buddy, and I'm certainly going to miss Ruskin's yell of "All boats in," after Jeff Jonis blew out his lungs with those blasted three whistles.

All those night activities where we got to meet the girls are going to be one of the things I am going to miss the most. The shriek of the O.D.'s yelling "Back to the bunks," and "Lights out;" those two lines were our lullaby.

Most of all, I'm just going to miss all the new and close friends I've made here at Camp Ranger. I'll see soon.