Look about you!
See the shadows begin to fall?
Feel the chill in the air?
The summer is fading... fading...
And yet... in the midst of the onslaught of coldness and darkness
we feel only warmth.

We have won the battle,
Not the battle of Grey against Red...
but a more important battle,
one battle in the eternal struggle for one's life.

As the editors of the Ranger Trail, we see the shadows...
but know that someday they will give rise to new light!
And we remember the past while longing for the future.
For isn't yesterday but today's memory and tomorrow today's dream?

And in our dreams, our hopes, our desires,
we have a knowledge of the beyond!
An eternal knowledge... of beauty.
Beauty is but eternity gazing at itself in the mirror.
Are we not eternity?
Are we not the mirror?

And beauty is friendship...
We know
For we, working together with a common purpose have discovered
the most important reflection of all...
One hand reaching out in the darkness...
To be met by another hand.

Phyllis Cohen
Francine Itzkowitz
Mike Mittelman