Jane Z.- Zimmer, A slinky toy, a Steve, or three, A sun tan, a reliable choir, Piano playing and tennis, a short phone call to Chris, only eight letters; a kind word from Suss, Judge Jane, Food, food and more food, a bed for Aunt Leah
Kenny Kaplan- A car that works, U. of Bridgeport, his own room, visitors, Howie Boll games, Heavy & Diaco's, A changed girl, Peter, Sandy and Evan
Jerry S.- David Intrater, Mike Brown, and LM's sympathy
Les s M.- A red, white, and blue suit to match his shoes
Lisa P.- A new roommate
Sandy K.- A tip
The Editors leave eachother:
To Phyllis Cohen- a little organization and logic; a picture of water
To Fran Itzkowitz - a sociology major, so she can learn how to write well
To Mike Mittleman - a bottle of correction fluid and a dictionary