Harlee S.- A gold plated termite and Jenny Grossinger's grandson Barbara R.- Eve Shaw's middle name, A dove in her kitchen
Ann T.- The 7 dwarfs and Scrabble for Juniors; hair that doesn't have to be washed or touched Fran I.- A forest fire to be put out, an everlasting friendship with her neighbor, someone else's reputation
Diane H.- A weekend in New Jersey thick blood, and Phyllis' electric blanket Barbara Green- A non-peeling nose, limousine service, a good road to get lost on
Phyllis C. Ten un-interrupted minutes with Glenn in the afternoon and more electric sockets in the bunk so she can share her electric blanket with everyone Cathy C.- "Nobody ever called me "Sugar-lips", a pinch, a northern accent, her own pack of cigarettes, a boy back home
Toby R.- A book entitled "The continuing Story of Ranger Place" or "They'll do it Every Year", so she knows what's coming off Fran T.- A cork to place in her bottle and a free show at Diaco's
Randy F.- An "Easy Rider", a book entitled "The 50 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins" Renee B.- A trip to Canada, a "Weiner", and self propelled
Wendy F.- A dictionary, tissues and a diet to stick to Marcia C.- A "Good man", a motorcycle, an electric blanket
Laurie P.- A letter from Jack, another canoe trip, the perfect bunk Arlene P.- A trip to Canada, "Debbie Honky", her best friend's brother, "outrageous"
Barbara G.- An award for being the slowest counselor, a visit to the canteen, and a thank you from her co-counselor Karen P.- A sailboat that once was, a drimmer boy, infirmary
Linda T.- Celery stick and a full summer Robin P.- Art studio, one page letter from Steve, a tennis companion, and a bottle of Jean Nate
Arlene K.- A day to relax in the sun, a friendly person to sit O.D. with, a safe return from a confusing summer of male problems Ellen L.- 2 Afros, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", a place on boys campus, What he doesn't know won't hurt him" and O.D. sign-in sheet; a red house
Marla S.- A new "Tapestry" album, a voice box in perfect working order, the 45 rpm recording of Two Lovers, and Itzky Sue S.- A stone souled picnic, her own food, a phone call from George, a made bed, a letter, Morris, A night off, A baby sitting partner, Love
Linda Z.- A "sterling" friend, a "Bill" to be collected, a no-no, a 4 year difference, at 23 she came, she saw she conquered Donna W.- A boy from Chipinaw, M+M's, the boy and the back room, and the farm
Nancy Weiss- Brownies, A ride up to camp, a 22 yr. old, a wrestling match, a love that doesn't hurt, and a tald with Victor