Ken Marek- a rich Yardley girl, my side of the room, the "?" time, conscientious III, and a trip to Potsdam Peter Stone- A hoop league, a haircut, and a "Hey man"
Dave Silver- The complete collection of Dr. Seuss, mail every day, a black belt, a young schizophrenic, a full moon the "right" time, a gross of Geminis, a pickle, a visit to New Jersey, and a trip to Jacksonville Barry Gorden- A can of hair spray
Ken Kassin- A visit to Bunk 6; a trip to the barber, and competition with his peaceful friend Jeff Drimmer- A trip to Gettysburg, 1972 S.G.L.
Harvey Cohen- A bunk with a psychologist, and organized Munchkin attack on Bob and a set of earplugs Steve Pelta- A team to put the ideas with
Glenn Sharfin- a steal-platted jock, a six course meal of peas and potatoes, a Wednesday without O.D., and a "fun" year at school with you-know-who Jeff Ruskin- A lovely Rita, HBC's next year's Eagles, and A.D.
Mike Mittleman- A special bulk-rate postage license, and unspilled pitcher of water, and a sign for his office Kenny Korder- Another guard, some more straight friends, sideburns, and a girl for when J.R.'s away
Ron Krauss- A head counselor with a different way of walking up the camp, Ken Marek's tennis racket, A chance to be a Color War general with the Morgansterns as captains Gary Turk- An official Robin Hood badge, 42 hot-fudge sundaes, a winning night at the track, and a real sister
Barry Wank- 1st base and a batting position before 10th, a black belt in rat-tail, and a tennis doubles tournament at CR Jeff Eichner- A whole summer, a dunk in the lake, friendly girls, and How to be a Psychologist book
Jim Embersits- A carton of his own cigarettes Harold Flax- A short story
Joel Josephs- His own hair dried, a book on how to sail in three easy lessons, and Supercampership Jon Goodman- An aquanaut with no gas, and a new girlfriend who lives closer to his home (so HF can have the old one)
(con't) Mike Rogak- the square root of 6
Gil Pitkoff- "Godot"
Chuck Kellman- A girlfriend with the same curfew as his, and a co-counselor to help him out
Peter Saltzman- Leave eachother
Bennett Axlerod- the two coolest co-counselors in camp
Bob Stanger- A bed to sleep in, Wakey, Wakey, his own chocolate syrup, another great staff for next year, and a time and place for him to walk his dog
Butch Rubin- One night when he doesn't have to drive