Waiters (con't)
Gary F.- "Jumping Joe"; 2 minutes with Debbie; Morris; a beard to shave
Burt N.- Fleegle; a full fu; Drim's car; 3 minutes with Debbie; Burtsky Mekoto
Steve K.- Gorrilla; Buckeyes; Please and Thank You; a shower; Mr. Doink
Jack S.- first base; a new lip; a muzzle; "I don't feel good"
Steve S.- Vesppucci; Scoots; Nigy a start
Doug C.- a girl of his own; a tough station; 7-2-7; Afro Comb; "good-by Pete S."
Mitch B.- Gene; "I'm Loverly"; a virgin cup; Lars; white sneakers
Mike T.- 42nd St. spot; ground out; the 4th book of love
Barry L.- A sure winner; $9.00 from S.K.; family freebies at weight watchers
Joe T.- A heavy religion; a Zapple farm; new shades; Hillal; a star surfer
Mike S.- clean feel; a shower; jumping ability
Elliot K.- "I'm playing cards"; "don't sit on the records" Bis; a Charlton treaty
Ken Bezozo- "Bwana," a lake full of fish, his own canteen a mean streak
Mark Cohen- An artistic inspiration Carl-tree, a return-the infirmary- tray service, a maid
Charlton Delman- Mr. Wit, Elliot a chimmy, a zipper mouth
Jeff Fox- Body Beautiful, a 24 hour shower, his own bunk
Stu Friedman- A box of spiders, a beard, new glasses, a low pitcher voice, lime shaving cream
Gerry P.- Hairstyle, by Con Ed., a haircut, a shoulder, Bayside
Howie R.- The almightly bent one, the track, Canarsie cards, casino man, JDL& Meir