Bunk 21 Bunk 22 con't.
Glen R.- An oral antiseptic; a girlfriend his age; a Jesus Christ and Lenny Bruce tape; a revolution and a debate with Richie Marks Billy R.- La Riviera;permanent residence in P.R. or an "Honorary Puerto Rican Certificate"; a glass of water; a playboy magazine; Robert Sentnor; Cobra; and a mother jumper
Richard P.- A tape recorder so someone will talk back to him; a brother-in-law who plays basketball and a sister who loves him more Jimmy G.- A big hog; zitz cream; rubber thongs; Joni's cousin; chairman of the "L.T.T."
Corey K.- A little brother; someone who wouldn't pick on him; Ellen's _____; and Ira's mind Ricky G.- "Goofee"; a new hair style; more zitz cream; a track scholarship to Harvard; S.F.; best of 10; "Fantastic"
Donald S.- A shave; a years supply of candy for his _____; and to be a jock like Ruskin and Korder Larry P.- MVP in basketball and baseball; the "How to be a Jock" book and an Afro one of these days; puller of the "L.T.T."
Richard D.- A game of Risk; a fast girlfriend, and a body like his brother or sister Saul T.- A new pair of logs; a nick name; Isaac Menda to cover his shift; the third member of the "L.T.T."
Robert W.- A smile; K.P. jokes; and to beat Glen in the circle game Howie W.- A bag of "Chips Ahoy"; "fixit"; a golden screw and driver; his own seat on the tractor; an unbendable bed; a cat; and a friend
Bunk 22 To the bunk- Star Murphy; F.F.O.; a baf of soap; "Los Hermanos Pinsones"; a sock a pillow fight; a set of screens; York Surburban; and Bwana
David D.- A golden hoop in Queens hear Cosino; the presidency of the Jeff Drimer fan club; Steve Markoff Waiters
Richie B.- A copy of "Common Sense"; a maid; all you can eat and meat; winner of next year's Gorgy; a "time out"; cotton balls in the sink; a Ma-Ho-Ge sickler; a full moon; and "Pass the gas" Joel B.- Dead Irv; Pseudolus; Sam's car; his own canteen
Isaac M.- A police record; Holly and/or Meryl; a transfer from Commonwealth to St. Johns; a shift; a full year with Richie Marks; a pair of pajamas Mitch F.- Pink shirt; 2 for 21; Natalie; car keys
Mike M.- "Joe Merene"; a poncho; 2%; Sharkman
Billy D.- Terry; a living Louie