Well little Rangerettes,

As the sun sets here in Rangerville, the sunshiniest and happiest capital in Sullivan County, we will remember this summer for all the happiness and lasting memories we've experienced, and a new first.
For the first time in forty-four years Girl's side was run by a man (Uncle Ronnie), who attempted to bring in a new philosophy in camping.
As many experienced professionals will attest, a championship team is made up of the old (tried and proven), and the new (a search for new horizons). It was with this in mind that the Girl's side broke from the gate with specializations in Tennis, Boating, Swimming, Sport skills of Softball, Volleyball, Kickball and newcome and had added to it such skills as B.B.G., Field Hockey, Paddle Ball, Paddle baseball, and the extra-socials as well as ice-skating.
It is with this sweet smell of success in mind that I wish you a happy year and a speedy return to the fun filled capital of Rangerville.


This summer, as a first-year Head Counselor at Camp Ranger, I enjoyed a great wealth of experiences. I saw happy active boys participating in all athletic activities, as well as camp specialties. These specialties included pioneering, dramatics, riflery, archery and arts and crafts.
My greatest satisfaction was an enormous amount of individual instruction that each child received in order to further develop his athletic skills.
On the waterfront, we had the excitement of witnessing non-swimmers become intermediate, deep water and finally, half-lake swimmers and canoeists. Canoe trips along the Delaware Rapids became a goal to look forward to for every camper.
Ice Skating, Ranger Hockey, Madison Square Garden, Boxing, Ranger Races, Bunk Skit Night, Bowling and Carnival were some of the special activities enjoyed by our campers.
Social development, long lasting friendships, and understanding of each other work perhaps the most important goals achieved by the boys at Camp Ranger. The competitive nature of Color War 1971 added still more excitement to a fun packed summer.
In addition to all of this, I had the pleasure of working with a very fine staff. My thanks to the owners of Camp Ranger for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this most exciting experience.

Bob Stanger