Bunk 16 con't Bunk 18 con't.
Dan W.- 6 more sloppy cubbies Jay S.- a Perry Rindenow doll, three darts and the Presidency of the Nature club
Ron T.- his own maid to clean up after him Phil J.- Meat and Potatoes, sleeping pills and a rubber odlid
Gregg W.- another meal to stack To the bunk: I give you all my love and best wishes. Butch
Harvey M.- Hadly Bressman Bunk 19
Paul H.- his bunk 14 harim Steve N.- an Irish accent, a personal massuer, Bozo
Bunk 17 Jon B.- a new bed, Marvin's girlfriend, "Songs for the John"
Andrew H.- A playboy Bunny and Heidi's picture Marvin R.- a ball on Pete's keys, "I trusted You, You ..." J.C. super star
Michael B.- a baseball cap to sleep in David K.- Evan Tobin's job, a rubber band, stereo, the first sink
Mario M.- Girls camp Robert G.- Stereo, an enema, rocket in the trees "Bears"
Mark S.- A picture of himself pitching Michael P.- Launching Pad, rocket and engine, a supply of surplus stiches
David I.- Jerry Steinhouse, Richie Marks Richard B.- November, pajamas, pizza
Ricky B.- Free swimming lessons Bunk: an alarm clock set for 2 A.M., Sicillian Pizza
Jon S.- A Super-Jon cape Bunk 20
Andrew O.- A self-made bed Ira G.- a few strikes and a mind
Bunk 18 Steve M.- A book on table manners
Jim T.- a woman to wake him up every morning, two tennis balls, and the nature shack Barry J.- Seven inches and a few hits (0.95)
Ron T.- A camera, toilet soap, a book on logic Steve Malin- an autographed pix of Barkoff and an uncensored dictionary
Perry R.- An autographed picture of Michael Berman, clean undies, and a years supply of Ban Neal B.- More time alone on the bus with Nancy
Eddy B.- A book on how to be a liberal in three easy steps. A haircut and a bottle of tang; and a bottle of hair grease Jeff M.- A change to score more with his kissin' Cuz
Bruce S.- a wife to spend his money, a bottle of tang; and a bottle of hair grower Mark and Peter M.- each other; nobody else wants them
David S.- an autographed picture of the Road Runner, a snake and three worms
Robert P.- new bed springs, a jar of peanut butter and a tushy cork