Bunk 10 Bunk 13
Harlow A.- sailboat patch kit Elliot S.- a blanket, a can of spray and Kim
Craig F.- "Afro-, chips to lose the race Mark K.- 1.000.000 baseball cards, a spit valve, and huge smiles
Steven G.- a voodoo doll of Merrill David D.- Eric Konig and a blind umpire
Charles B.- A year's supply of Mamma Cass's meatballs Dean R.- a rat tail, a whale winter, with Scotty and a tooth brush
John S.- a crib and pacifier Lenny W.- a larger bed so he can hang all his clothes under it
Eric K.- first bit of Charlie's Bed Howard H.- only Puerto Rico, Long Beach and a Dynamite Sister
Merrill K.- A piece of Ed Kranepool's toenail Bunk 14
Seth C.- 3000 last year's baseball cards Artie N.- Bobbie Murcer and a left fielders job with the Yankees
Bunk 11 Joey F.- Meatballs and spagetti and a girlfriend
Marc C.- a "Secret" Jeff S.- Bradley
Andy G.- a factory full of candy Mike R.- a snake and Laurie
Peter L.- the best Womper in the East Steve W.- 6 inches and Artie
David P.- a 90 foot pretzel Robert N.- a pink belly
James P.- a clean blanket Gary G.- tears and a salami
Dana S.- a machine gun and an outlaw to chase Bunk 15
Mitchel W.- A carry-around basketball court Richard Poriss- Lipton ice tea mix
Bunk 12 Lewis B.- a "Creepy" crawler
Jay W.- Barry Wank's bed inside out wardrobe, laughing gas Jason H.- Candy
Lewis S.- a salami antidote, 10 lessons on how to use a rat tail, Uncle Albert Andy Z.- a lucky fishing lure
Mike T.- a spurring partner, his own bar of soap, a nine in inspection Ed S.- Tether ball court
Bob S.- Mickey Mouse, an excuse for every mistake, a mistake for every excuse I love all these kids and wouldn't trade them for any other bunk in camp....Peter Stone
Harlan S.- A Track suit, a complete selection of adidias sneakers, 5 poker hands Bunk 16
Juan B.- A winter jacket for 50 degree weather, a banana plantation Neil E.- Harvey's girlfriend in about three weeks
Howie R.- A goalies mask that lets him see his feet
Bob G.- his own post office
Alan G.- Judy