Bunk 6 bunk 7-con't.
Scott R.- A boxload of baseball cards; official kickball catcher and another mitt Glenn L.- a talk with a sister, the best bed maker award, $4000 for stamps
Larry T.- A visit to the infirmary; playing on the counselors bed and the Bunk 6 all around camper award Matt.- A fishing rod, enough candy to share, a 500 year old crock from a pioneering overnight
Arnold K.- The biggest mouth in the camp; the Lilly Tumlin imitation award and the counselor of girls bunk 9 To the bunk: a new waiter, a maid to clean the bunk, or at least a vacuum cleaner, lazy day every day, enough candy to last, each other's friendship during the winter, and being together again in 1972
Steve B.- "He started"; Bill Cosby crying Charlie; a more appropriate place for his cubbies; like the floor. Finally, "I could if I went to camp "Be-Tar." Bunk 8
Fred G.- Our resident last place finisher. Then he can eat at the table and the all-around guy award Mike B.- A live fish on his rod
Adam S.- A visit to 1; Mickey Mouse, Fritzy, and up before the chicken Ira- Two free tickets to see First Tuesday
To the bunk: Free psychiatric care for the counselor; a 10 in inspection they don't deserve and a new waiter Russ K.- a sharkie
Bunk 7 Steve T.- a clean shirt
Andrew B.- Cream cheese candy from Ken, a bowl of spinach, Candy from the counselors, A dynasty at camp Andy F.- a Wedgie
Cliff R.- Andrew's cream cheese, a pinch from Dave, clothing that is not inside out, and a permanent seat next to the counselor Sammy H.- a clean bed
Fred L.- "The first one dressed in the morning award", Neuman's Drug Store Eric S.- a tetherball
Bradly S.- No clothes under his bed, enough "dimes" for our list, A fight with his best friend, "religious" services Bunk 9
David N.- A package from home, Rich Buckberg, the Rabbi, Freddy to swim with Mark B.- girl watching, punching bag
Scott G.- a salami by mail, a night in his own bed, a package from Cappy David P.- Monkey Suit, banana
Brad W.- Doctor's kit, A bicycle so he doesn't have to walk to the infirmary
Michael G.- Sharkie, and Black Sam, a picture of Mark Barashek to hang over his bed
Wayne O.- Robert Okin, Sherry
Marcin A.- his own infirmary
Robert O.- a new voice
Alex B.- a messy bed, cubby, dirty clothes and Moosinary