Bunk 20, con't.

Wendy L.-a midnight chat in the bathroom, a voice like Barbra Streisand, "see how blond is underneath"
Nancy T.-"two hard boiled eggs please," a pair of ice skates, a translation of Padro, Pablo, a frame to put around her face
Amy C.-a tennis court of her very own, an alarm clock to get her out of bed in the morning, a peach tree
Daryn F.-a room where she can play her guitar, morning noon and night, come to her cabaret
Robin W.-someone to accept her tennis of course, her own boat and lake for water skiing
Alice S.-what should we wear today? Six letters a day, a side part
Bonnie S.-"we wonder who the candy snatcher is?" Six letters a day, a middle art
To the bunk-midnight raids without getting caught, a life supply of Jean Nate, a general swim when everyone go swimming, "diamonds are a girl's best friend," community wardrobes, a supply of birthdays, a water color set for everyone, love and happiness always

The C.I.T.'s
Bette S.-a 32A (or a stretchy) also-on a wonderful day like today
Bet G.-a wet kiss, a BLACK ulcer, a spinach sandwich
Jill G.-a hearing aid, a mirror and new walking feet.