Bunk 17-con't. Bunk 19-con't.
Debbie P.- A Fein boyfriend. Her own wardrobe. A goodnight kiss behind the kitchen. Lisa Bernstein- Her own private tennis court, a girls water boy, cleanliness is next to godliness, two meatballs
Beth K.- The #1 waiter. 24 hours a day in the mess hall, The office boys or the waiters, make up your mind. Lisa S.- a safe for her food, 1 night at the bowling alley, assistant CIT, Steve Pelta, and Richie Marks, a bed with iron bars
Bunk 18 Debbie Dukas- a piece of Schnit, running after boys, huh? General Hospital, That tingly feeling, a joke she understands (besides her own)
Mindy L.- "mighty Moe", at the oars, on the field and on the horse. A dozen field mice to chase after Carol T.- "Help, I'm dying of spotted fever!", Clean laundry, a chocolate chip cookie...I only had one, Double trouble from A&B
Marsha M.- Mindy's hairdresser, The date to where clips in your hair without being hassled (or just straight hair) Bonnie K.- Day he shall still bring froth fruit...,"What would I do without Aunt Jean" "Well the kids in my school" Stop!! in the name of DDC, a utensil meal and longer arms
Sherri S.- Mr. Fix-it, A summer without a head counselor, to watch over you, Paddle ball Sally Fram- Permanent Press Quilt, a two piece bathing suit, Plain stationary, a pair of thongs for her own use, an appointment with Dr. Scholl
Helaine G.- No boyfriend, but a raid every night, A new workshirt and a pair of dungarees Bunk 20
Cindy- 6 more weeks of Camp Ranger (if you can take it) Debbie M.- A shag that goes up in a pony, a private cubby room, for her wardrobe, David... just friends of course, a hearty laugh
To the bunks: All activities on boys side, a wall, Another D.H. camper, The July 18th raid, Better plumbing for the bunks, the office boys Jamie T.- Double or nothing, "first for the shower", "I'm on a diet, but please bring me bowl, cheese, tuna, tomatoes etc., etc., etc., an electric shaver
Bunk 19 Meryl N.- How can anyone look sexy in a workshirt? ...but square shape, or pear shape these rocks don't lose their shape...Bus Stop
Nancy D.- A dogs that kneels and barks, Diamond is a girl's best friend, one outfit a night, Harry and Sadie, a diet that helps Holly C.- 5 free lessons on how to climb a tree, and come back down, a fire cracker to get her moving, a nice tan
Star F.- Phyllis, a clean bed, down to the canteen, drink my Daddy's Wine, Carpenter's Dream, Nancy, you know your sitting on my....
Beth R.- A chinaman, Madam Tip-Top, A bed in a decent place, a waiter with Tangs, maybe she doesn't like Chihuha