Bunk 13--con't. Bunk 15
Wendi K.- a boy with elevated shoes, a mouthful of breath spray, her turn to read "Manchild..." Licette T.- Two Musketeers and her own indoor tennis court
Susan P.- Who said 13 is an unlucky number? Jane R.- Two Musketeers and a road to stardom
Leslie S.- A wardrobe to share with Donna Windheim. A question a day Rena D. Two Musketeers and a place in the CIT bunk
Marla- Linda Jane S.- Good Health and a place in bunk 16
Linda- Marla Heidi T.- An O. Henry bar and a permanently reserved tennis court
We want you all to know
Where ever you go along life's way,
That we are your friends 'till
All the days end
And twilight stars one forever away (Vivian T. Cagle)
Bunk 16
Bunk 14 Beth G.- A full moon, bowling shoes, rats
Eve S.- A piece of pizza, a real birthday, a sentence made of mono syllables and Sharon Glickman Terri Z.- A pair of water skis
Laurie- One night of undisturbed sleep and "The General Drinks" Ann L.- A fruit bowl I'ss of Men
Lydia F.- Oxford Town and a well balanced diet Susan F.- A kiss from Richie, wrapped hair, complaint box
Cindy- A pair of shoes other then clogs, a cubby full of clean socks Paula M.- Hard Boiled eggs, Beth-Er-Lee, Tether ball
Rhonda- A mature counselor and continued success in boys camp Joyce Rosen- White Lake, little Joyce
Sherri- The battle of the bulge, a deviled egg and 1000 greasy french fries To the bunk: happiness and friends always, a memorable summer and our love
Jill S.- Sharon's cubbies to clean, a bed board and a full day at the waterfront Bunk 17
Ruth- Unpenetrable sneakers, a pass to her favorite swimming pool, an autographed picture of Butch Rubin Susan F.- Any boy's name that starts with R., Energy tablets, or a bed to rest on at every activity
Sharon G.- A long playing record of dining room dedications, a voice tuned to the guitar, a book on "Civil Disobedience" and Eve Shaw Jill Gutterson- A pair of shorts, Will it either be J.G. or S.T., a trip to Puerto Rico
Maxine B.- A complete evening with #4. Another lucky day at Brookwood, especially with SS., A magnetic attraction for E.F.
Ellen F.- An evening visitor in Gettysburg. What ever happened to J.G., C.C., I.G., OR J.F., a magnetic attraction for M.B.