Bunk 7
Lisa- Another package, a daily supply of bubble gum Hyla B.- The good housekeeping award for excellence in cleanup
Nadine- Her own personal maid, a key to Boy's camp Lisa K.- The tetherball court and a beautician
Bobbi- A book entitled: "Gorgeous Me", a peaceful night's sleep Wendy C.- A smile and a supply of no more tangles
Caren- A whisper, a first aid kit of her own Michelle M.- The key to the infirmary and sugar and spice and everything fattening
Suzanne- Alex, a messy bed, a pamphlet of her rules regulations and laws Joan M.- A horse and a clean pair of pants
Bunk 8 Bunk 11
Shelley R.- Her own water front and a degree in Entomology Lori T.- A steel tennis racket, a letter from Timmy
Madeline K.- Her own tree house, a messy bed and cubby-for once Lisa F.- A clean shirt
Nancy R.- One game of jacks without any fancies, enough cubby room for all the candy and stuffed animals Meryl S.- A candy store of her own
Susan G.- Her own hoise and personal shoebag Debbie L.- A personal maid and a new sugar canister
Linda W.- Her own make-up collection and make-up mirror Susan P.- a visit to boys 1
Elayne Z.- A bicycle with training wheels, a years supply of band aids Bunk 12
Bunk 9 Linda M.- The last word
Janice R.- one cow to fill her supply of milk Lauri S.- Toothbrush, Hair brush, Turkey roll sandwich and two bowls of soup
Susan R.- Paul Newman Kim G.- The Star role
Lisa B.- One gold-plated, initialed mop Judy B.- A sailboat and a beautiful day
Mindy London- Chow mein for ten Lauri Sandburg- Letters from home
Debbie S.- Bob for Girls Head Counselor Donna W. An open back window
Linda S. One sailboat that doesn't tip Bunk 13
Bunk 10 Pamela B.- She's not Barbara, She's my mother! Who needs a bathroom?
Allyssa B.- A straight part for pigtails, a years supply of bubble gum Terry C.- A one year supply of no more tangles, her own bathroom to take on overnight camp outs. A gum wrapper chain that smells
Joanne F.- A seven day itch, the top top bunk bed
Randi G.- A tuna fish sandwich, a box of detergent
Joan J.- The body every girl wants
Elyse J.- A canteen requisition slip. A private medical staff