Pioneering Power - A City in the Woods

This year the pioneering program soared to new and unexpected heights, with the construction of a 30 foot tower and a 60 foot treehouse. Other projects completed by both boys and girls enabled the campsite to surpass the comforts of the bunks. A refrigerator, dutch oven, grease pit, and shower are just a few of the conveniences offered in this area. Therefore, campers looked forward to going on cookouts and sleepouts. The evening provided new excitement due to the candle lanterns reflecting the beauty of nature.
During the day, campers learned the lore of the woods and the skills of camping. In their spare time, you would find them enjoying the fruits of their accomplishments. Most campers are content to climb the treehouse, and swing on the thick ropes, but the more daring ones attempt to swing down from the treehouse on the ropes.
The pioneering program provided a rewarding experience for the boys and girls by bringing them into contact with nature. This program cannot be experienced in the environment of the city and therefore we are all looking forward to next year's camping program.

Barry Wall