It's never good-bye when a summer camp ends
You just inventory your good times and friends,
And store them away in your memory marked "Keep"
Then, through a long winter,
What pleasure you reap ...

Have a healthy and happy winter.

My love to you all,

Aunt Jean

Dear Campers and Counselors,
It has been my goof fortune to spend many happy summers at Camp Ranger. What a privilege it is to mingle amongst you, enjoying your spirit and enthusiasm. How rewarding it has been for me to be of help when you were in need of it. For all of that and much more, I am deeply grateful.
In the cold bleak winter months I know that you will find yourself reflecting on all the fun you had under sunny skies at Ranger and of the friendships you have made.
So long, we will see you in '72.

Love ya all,

Aunt Carol