During the past summer waterskiing has become both a pleasure and an experience to those who have undertaken this challenging sport. With the aid of the finest equipment, including our own ski-boat, waterskiing has become a reality to those who considered it impossible. Thanks to our very competent staff, the campers were taught the basic fundamentals of waterskiing.
At the present, many of the skiers have already graduated to slalom and in the future it is my hope to work on some trick skiing with them.
In closing I would only like to add that he has been my great pleasure to work with everyone, and I look forward to introducing many more of you to waterskiing in the seasons to come.

Barry Gordon

Horseback riding this year has been a lot of fun for everyone involved. When we go, we sigh up and get our horses. All the campers are rated on the basis of their riding ability. The ratings are either A, B, C, or D. The A rider's get to do just about anything they want to on the trails. They can trot, run, and even jump. They can even play tag! It really is a lot of fun. The B and C riders are mixed together and don't get as many privileges as the A riders, but they get a good ride also. The D riders walk their horses most of the time because they are not as yet ready to do the things that the A, B, and C groups do.
The "Wranglers" at the stables are great, and we've had a GREAT time horseback riding the summer.

Jay Schwartz