The waterfront at Camp Ranger has proven to be a very satisfying experience for all those who have come in contact with that. Campers in every division have acquired swimming and safety skills that will always remain rewarding to them. An incredible number of campers have enjoyed many facets of a waterfront that previously been out of their range of abilities.
This summer we stressed individualized swim instruction. In addition, special instruction was given in canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, and aqualung operation.
The waterfront has proven to be a most popular area in camp.

Sam Wohlstadter

Swimming, by far, is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities. The sunshine and clear skies have helped to make the waterfront a beehive of activity. At Ranger the campers have been privileged to use the lake, at times other than that of the daily schedule.
A Polar Bear Club was organized, so that campers and some counselors could experience the unusual delight of swimming during the early hours of the day. The club consists of thirty members and myself, the founder. Although some of the members have found difficulty in awakening and complying with the briskness in the air, many were very happy that such club exists. Swimming in the early morning is very refreshing and adds to the excitement of the day.
I believe that the success of this club will insure its existence in the future.

Jeff Jonis