As the echo of tennis ball fades in our ears (whap, thunk, blap), we review the rewarding summer we've spent gamboling on the Camp Ranger Tennis courts. We think back on the true value of tennis and its many fine character molding aspects.
Any review of this summer's program would be incomplete without a breakdown of some of Camp Ranger's STARS OF THE FUTURE:
In the Munchkin division we have Andy Bressman. Andy a tough relentless competitor, will soon become the complete player.
In the Hawk division we have a number of which may break into the big time.
In the Eagles such names as Gregg Weitzner, Hadley Bressman, Ricky Back, Alan Garland, and Paul Haskin come to mind. These boys waged a fierce battle this summer for the honor of top player in the division, only to be thwarted by a virtual unknown.
And lastly, this article would not be complete without the mention of one camper whose drive and devotion to the game will remain as a standard we all may strive towards...Neal Barkoff.

This year at Camp Ranger we tried to teach every girl, regardless of age, or ability, how to play tennis. Individual instruction sessions between the tennis counselors and small groups of girls became the foundation of our tennis program. However, what really made this summer a successful "Tennis Summer" was the enthusiasm of the girls themselves. Constant practice must pay off and on August 13, Camp Ranger became aware that our tennis "Mania" was achieving results.
On August 13, Camp Ranger participated in the Brookwood Invitational Tennis Tournament. Five other bigger camps (one of which is a tennis camp), also participated in the tournament. Our girls astonished almost everyone by making a near sweep, bringing home three trophies and finishing first by a huge margin. It had become evident that this summer at Ranger many girls had acquired tennis skills which could be used for the rest of their lives.
The tennis program culminated with two tournaments of our own, a Senior Invitational, a the Annual Ranger Cup Tournament. Trophies for the winners of these tournaments will be awarded at the Camp Ranger Reunion.
I would like to thank Bette and Joe, my two assistants, Aunt Ruth--as inspirational and perceptive as always, and especially Jerry Turner and Ronnie Siegel, the two gentlemen who worked very hard with me to coordinate our tennis program.
Girls, have a pleasant winter, and keep practicing.

Jack Fine