When visiting Camp Ranger be sure to include as part of your visit, the Arts and Crafts center. This year Camp Ranger is proud to say that we have one more reason why our campers will return next year; and that reason is a very smartly organized Arts and crafts program.

I think the arts and crafts program that I have constructed this summer has attracted large number of Ranger campers.

Campers have a large, diversified selection of projects to choose from. Some of the projects are copper tooling, decoupage placs and key rings, wood trays, envelope holders, plastic and plaster castings, rock jewelry, wood rings and leather projects. During option periods campers can do copper enameling, clay or candle making.

All in all, the directors, staff and campers have made my summer an enjoyable one. Camp Ranger has surely added to my pleasant memories. I would like to wish everyone a good winter. Once again thank you and see you next year.