The girls' Arts and Crafts program offered the girls a wide variety of projects to choose from. Each division seemed to have its own preferences.
The seniors favored the felt stuffed animals. The stuffed foot when marching to the forefront. Baby bracelets were much in demand. Candle making, as always, was a big hit and ceramics for many was a craft set apart.
The Deb-teens also enjoyed making stuffed animals and baby bracelets. They also worked with plaster of paris, fun film and a beautiful soap decorating project. They seemed to have innumerable birthday parties to prepare for. Nobody was forgotten. They seemed to specialize in copper enameling, of which the peace symbol was most popular.
Although working with the bigger girls is always interesting and rewarding, working with the little ones is mostly a fun thing. The little girls are always open to suggestions and will try almost anything. And that they did. They started the summer with name pins and as they progressed managed to touch upon most everything available to them. This included plaster of paris, copper enameling, fun film, finger painting, place mats, paper bag puppets, ceramics and even stuffed animals made of heavy paper.
For all of us in A&C, the summer passed all too quickly. There are always seemed to be a need for more time. Thank you for making my summer a pleasurable one. Have a good winter.