"Strike three, ball four, walk a run will tie the score..."
Our first intercamp game was matched against Kewanee, and the disappointing defeat which ensued aroused a sense of spirit and fight on the part of the girls at Ranger. Next on the list, one week later, was a game against Camp Olympus. Here again we met defeat, but we didn't give up. We went to both camps for rematches and were defeated once again. Our sportsmanship overshadowed everything else. Even though the girls lost each trial, they had fun and displayed much enthusiasm. They learned to work as a team...everyone helping each other.

Marla Schaeffer

This summer, I had the extreme pleasure of coaching the waiter basketball team. Although we started late in the season, I feel we had the potential to be a powerhouse in the Catskill division. The starters were, Burt Negrin, Gary "Furry" Feinstein, Elliot Kalick, Mitch "Red" Feldman, and Sneaky Stevie Sentnor. The team had tremendous board strength in Big Mike Saffren, Billy D., Steve Kahn and Poom Poom Caron. The backcourt reserves were Jackie "the Pearl" Schnitt, Mike Tallen, Mitch Benson and Poop Turner. Against Camp Swan Lake, with two starters injured, we ran them off the court. Mike Saffran dominated the boards and was the key to our success. Against Kutchers Sports Academy, which is called the "cream" of the Catskills, the game was close until the third quarter. Gary Feinstein and Elliot Kalick put on a performance that night that Kutchers will never forget. Once again I would like to say that it was my extreme pleasure to work with the finest group of boys ever assembled on one team. I hope to see you all next year. Thank You.

Charlie Kellerman