There was a hush in the audience as the two Munchkin heavyweights came out. It was Madison Square Garden night at Camp Ranger. Our referee for the evening was none other than "Jock" Ruskin.
The highlight of the evening was the fight between the "Masked Marvel" and the Munchkin killer, David Perry. The winner of that fight was Munchkin Killer, by a T.K.O.
One other highlight of the evening was the fight between Meat and Potatoes Morganstern. The outcome has yet to be decided though!
All in all it was a smashing night at the fights for all.

Mike Mittleman

"They're off", and Ranger Raceway began. With six races to occur in the evening, and prizes given after every race, Ranger campers had their chance to bet on the horses. If any one of the campers could pick six winners in a row, he could win a television.
The races are always thrilling when you bet on No. 2 horse, and its running first, until the last turn, then, its fourth. That's Ranger Raceway for never know what's going to happen next.

Model Rocketry is very safe if, as always, you follow the instructions and you know what you're doing. Rocketry is one of the most enjoyable hobbies. Just imagine seeing a little thing, 12 inches high, go up 1000 feet and come back by parachute was seeing a miniature Saturn V as tall as a Munchkin soar into the sky and return to earth by three parachutes like the genuine Apollo rocket.
Rocket safety is one of the most important points of the hobby. We always have a safe distance between launcher and control. We have pushbutton ignition and we can hold the rocket anytime during the countdown.
Rockets have gone from little one stage vehicles to three stage, radio carrying rockets, forty pound thrust engines, and models of every conceivable space vehicle including liquid propellant rockets.
It can truly be said that model rocketry is a space-age hobby.