The Indian Olympics held on July 22 was a really groovy experience for all involved. Coordinated by head counselor Robert Stanger, it was to be a Track and Field meet in the afternoon; and pioneering events at night. Accompanying the pioneering at night, was to be presentations by each of the four teams, explaining their origins and theme.
The Chiefs chosen for this gala event were: Gary Turk, Jim Embersits, Peter Saltzman, and Steve Pelta. The jobs of the chiefs were to coordinate their teams, prepare the presentation for that night, and give the team and over-all spirit to win.
Although the track meet was not close, all four teams showed a lot of spirit throughout the whole event. So much work and effort was put into the teams presentations, that everyone involved had a good reason to be proud of the team he was on.
toIn the end, the Cherokee Tribe, headed by Steve Pelta was victorious, followed by Gary Turk's Comanche Tribe, Pete Saltzman's Blood Feet Tribe, and Jim Embersits' American Indians.
Looking back, this experience was truly one which will never be forgotten in the minds of both campers and counselors at Camp Ranger. All the color and energy that was exhibited was truly a sight to remember!