"Game! Set! Match!" were the words we heard all day at The Brookwood Invitational Tennis Tournament held at Camp Brookwood. Although the boys did not fare that well, the girls really stole the show.
In the junior division, Maxine Boll and Starr Frohman beat Brookwood in singles. Heidi Tannenbaum and Lisette Toppel won their doubles matches and received the championship title.
Unfortunately our star player, Bette Sussman, was ill. But, Jill Gutterson played very well in her place. Lisa Shuchman also played senior singles. She didn't win, but put in a strong effort.
Ellen Federer and Lisa Bernstein played senior doubles and made it into the finals. But Camp Brookwood overtook them for the championship.
Camp Brookwood was very hospitable in serving a delicious barbecue and drinks near the tennis courts.
The girls' camp had a fantastic day but it would never have been possible without our great instructors, Jack and Joe Fine. We hope that we will be invited back next year and do as well as we did this year.

Lisa Bernstein


How! The Girls camp was divided into four teams. Each team chose the name, mascot, a chief and two braves for their tribe. The indian names that they pick were: Cherokee--led by Debbie Matzner, Maxine Boll, Lisa Suchman; Cheyenne, led by Holly Chesser, Nancy Dobrow and Daryn Feldman; Seneca, led by Jamie Talon, Bonnie Shadrin and Wendy Lederman; and the Waukeegans, led by Jill Gutterson, Lisa Bernstein and Alice Shadrin. The judge is, the Cit's, awarded points to the winners of activities. The activities that were competed in were:
Guess a song Night-When all teams listened to a song and the first one to guess it got a certain number of points.
Charades-When one member of the team got up and acting out a name, song or play and the team had a certain amount of time to guess it.
Junior Olympic Day-Which consisted of competitive sports through the entire afternoon.
Sing Down-Teams were told a topic, chief and team members thought of songs relating to the topic. The team with the most songs won.
Paper Hunt-When all teams went on a search for different colored paper. Each color stood for a certain amount of points. The teams with the most points won the evenings activity.
Tribes were something which we enjoyed, and we think that it should be continued throughout the years.

Jill Gutterson
Hollie Chesser and Debbie Matzner