Grey Team --- Girls
Alma Mater

Tune: Here, There and Everywhere

Rays, shining on glistening dew,
Wind whispering softly;
Awakens the day.
Birds on the wing,
Come greeting a timid morn.

Sun, travels an arc thru the sky,
Look at our life as its hurrying by,
We're not aware,
That we must begin to care.

About the simple things,
The laughter and the freedom that a summer brings,
Stars that glimmer oh so bright,
The moon at night.

Night, drawing the curtains of life,
Ending the drama,
Our cycle of time
Moments we've shared,
And eternal friends who care.
Ranger, our hearts are there.

(Lisa gives speech and then last verse is repeated)

We know you've fought long hard battle and you've done your best Grey team. Thank You .....