"It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Color War," was the yell that started our 1971 Color War.
It was during sundae on a Sunday that we first realized Color War had broken. Once again the camp was divided into red and grey. The Red general was Debbie Matzner and the Grey general was Lisa Bernstein. The Red teams lieutenants were Nancy Tuchman, and Lisa Shucman. On the Grey side, the lieutenants were Ellen Federer and Hollie Chesser. The adviser for the Red team was Marla Schaeffer, and for the Grey team was Arlene Putterman. We presented our teams as Fantasy of Red and Reflections of Grey.
The many activities were started off with a hatchet race, such as the rope burning, round robin throwball, apache relay, and finally the sing, which ended the competition. Both teams finished on a great note. Even though Grey won the sing, it wasn't enough to overtake the Red team, which ended up victorious by two points.
Both Red and Grey teams were happy because they had done their best, and enjoyed Color War.

Lisa Bernstein
Debbie Matzner

Camp Ranger
Lovely skies and Silver Lake
The lake covered with silvery mist
The end of sunrise glowing pink
A small flower
A bird, a butterfly
All, is appreciated by
A Ranger Girl