On Sunday, August 15 Camp Ranger's Color War competition broke from the skies as the team roaters were dropped from an airplane. The red and gray teams were organized immediately by their respective generals, Jeff Drimer and Bennet Axelrod and their competent lieutenants Mike Rogak and Harvey Cohen.
Color War began with one of the most dramatic rope-burning contests in Ranger history. The waiting grey team finished 33 seconds ahead of the red team! The tug-of-war provided incredible drama for the first night as the Red team pulled the Grey team over for four wins verses the Grey's two wins.
Team coordinators Jim Embersits and Peter Stone began handling the line-ups for the first days events, and the competition was in full swing.
Later in the competition, the two teams chose their names. The Red chose as their name the Prehistoric Red, while the Grey became the Mighty Grey Atlanteans. Now, the struggle of the man from the caves and the men from the sea was on.
The two teams or as evenly matched as two teams could possible be, as the lead see-sawed from Red to Grey. As the battle was raging on the fields, another one was growing in the Arts & Crafts shop. That was the battle of the plaques. Mark Cohen of the Red team competed with Gil Pitkoff and Jimmy Gelman of the Grey to produce the most artistic and realistic plaques ever entered in Color War.
The turning point of Color War this year was the Apache relay, as it was last year. At the end of the Apache relay, the Red held a lead it would not give up. On the final night, the sing was held. The men and women of both teams were in enthusiastic and emotional moods. The evenings events were straining and competitive, while the Red team won on boys and girls sides.
The spirits remained high and good sportsmanship prevailed, as opposing brothers and sisters wish to each other the best.

Bennet Axelrod
Jeff Drimer