(Con't. from previous pg.)
Joe, Me as the Devil, Phyllis Tanenbaum as Meg, Sandy Kamhi as Van Buren, Sue Sussman as Gloria, Jeff Jonas as Smokey and Bob Sentnor as Rocky, with Jane Zimmerman, Marla Schaffer and Peter Cohen. Several numbers seem to be memorable including "A Little Brains", "Whatever Lola Wants", "Heart", "The Game", "A Man Doesn't Know", "Goodbye Old Girl", "Two Lost Souls" and "Near to You".
This year seemed to fly, and there are so many people to thank for its success. Jane Zimmerman on Piano, Bob Sentnor on sets, Howie Weitzner as technical advisor, Nancy Weiss and Donna Weinstein on costumes, the Ranger counselor staff for their help backstage on performance nights and you for being a receptive and enthusiastic audience.
Wishing you a happy and healthy winter and looking forward to seeing you next summer. I remain... with love...

Barry Kaplan