This year, the Ranger dramatics program was truly one of its most successful. On July 3rd, the season opened with a folk revue including "This land is your Land", "Today", "Let it Be", "Joy to the World", and "Dona". Members of the cast included Jill Simon, Sherry Olan, Mike Brown, Michele Magesis, Jason Houseman, Richie Bezozo and Sharon Glickman and Lori Barashick.
Finian's Rainbow, included Bonnie Klapper, Jim Tepperberg, Debbie Matzner, Glen Roven, Don Schwartz and Amy Calmenson, as well as girls bunks 17, 18, 19, 20, and boys bunks 18, 19, and 20. Remember Marvin Ramer as Finian with Debbie Dukas and David Konigsberg singing "Old Devil Moon", and "Look to the Rainbow"? Remember also, Steve November as Og, singing the delightful "When I'm not near the girl I love".
On July 17th the presentation was Peter Pan, with Samuel Moss Howard's unbelievably fine portrayal of Peter. Others in the cast were Andrew Bressman as Michael, Wayne Olan as John, Shelley Raab as Wendy, Mindy London as Captain Hook, with Lisa Klugman and Alex Best. Bunks 6 & 7, 7 & 8 were the lost boys and bunks 8 & 9, 9 & 10 were the pirates. With the help of four counselors, remember how we enjoyed "I'm flying!" and also "I Gotta Crow".
The Pennsylvania Dutch country was the setting for Plain & Fancy, starring Heidi Tanenbaum & Andy Henry. Some of the outstanding numbers were Robert Greenwald's "A Hellava Way to Run a Love Affair" & Harvey Mutterperl's "So Why Not Katie?". Others in the cast included Neil Eichner, Paula Macher & Rena Druckman.
Good News, was the show & reception of the July 31st presentation. The "campy" 1920's musical included "Happy Days", "The Best Things In Life are Free", "Lucky in Love", "The Varsity Drag" and "Just Imagine". The enthusiasm generated by Elliot Schwartz, Kim Gordon, Meryl Shipper, Mark Klugman, Harlan Sonderling, David Cutler & Howard Haber, as well as by a top-notch chorus made Good News the success it was.
This year marked the Silver Anniversary of the Antoinette Perry (Tony) awards & so to honor this event we presented a song from the 25 shows that had won a Tony. Members of the revue included Steve November, Richie Marks, Jeff Ruskin, Amy Calminson, Holly Chesser, Debbie Dukas, Wayne Olan, Ron Turner, Bonnie Klapper, Beth Randell, Robert Greenwald, Marvin Ramer, The Shadrin Twins, Donna Windheim, Judy Birnbaum, Laurie Samberg, Sherry Siegel, Bette Sussman, Star Frohman, David Kaplan, Daryn Feldman, David Silver, Nancy Dobrow, Richie Bezozo and girls bunks 8 & 9. The show was beautifully received.
Our big show, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, showed our audience life in ancient Rome. It was an exciting production and personally gratifying to hear Ranger audiences belly laugh. The cast did a fantastic job. Thanks to Joel Buckberg as Psoudolus, Mitchell Benson as Hysterium, Mark Cohen as Senex, Mike Talon as Lycus, Mike Safran as Miles Gloriosus, Jill Gordon as Domina, Bette Sussman as Philia, Doug Caron as Hero & Jeff Fox as Erronius, with Mitch Feldman, Elliot Kalick, Jack Schnitt, Kenny Bezozo, Mike Markoff, and Charlie Delman as the Proteans, & our levy of beauties; Beth Gorss, Meryl Newman, Bonnie & Alice Shadrin, Debbie Matzner & Jamie Talon. We won't forget "I'm Lovely", "Comedy Tonight" for "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid".
While writing this, we are in rehearsal for the counselor show, Damn Yankees with Nina Weitzner as Lola, David Silver as young (con't next page)