This year Camp Ranger's canoeing program met with great success and enthusiasm. Sammy Wohlstader and his waterfront boys instituted an extremely effective canoeing program in which almost all half-lake swimmers became skilled in handling canoes. These boys furnished Danny Turner with plenty of ambition for his weekly canoe trips down the Delaware River.
The highlight of Ranger canoeing this summer was the overnight "extravaganza" filled with prizes and surprises. The prizes? Well, plenty of good, campfire cooked food. The surprises? Well, they can be summed up into questions: What happened on the rapids and where do we sleep?
All in all, the overnight was quite a bit of fun. It must have been, Jeff Jonis came back speechless!

Jim Embersits

This year I received great personal satisfaction from been camp Rabbi. Rain or shine we always had our Friday night and Saturday morning services. What gave me this great personal satisfaction was to help I received from campers in conducting services. I believe this help merits being mentioned by name.
The following girls are to be thanked for lighting the Friday night candles: Caren Friedman, Suzanne Rosen, Lisa Shipper, Nadine Intrator, Mindy London, Susan Rosenthal, Janus Roven, Linda Sternberg, Hyla Bressman, Alyssa Brill, Joan Malmothe and Michele Magesis. The boys I would like to thank for being ushers are: Jay Schwartz, and his committee consisting of Ronald Tausher, James Tepperberg, Barry Josephson, Howie Rawitz, and Andy Bressman.
Lastly, I would like to thank my Cantors who I could not conduct services without. They were: Marc Cooper, Dana Sheer, Seth Cohen, Howard Haber, Michael Brown, and Steven Markoff; a special thanks to my special assistant, Steven Gruenstein.
Thank you all very much.