On July 22 five canoes filled with girls from the Debteen division went on an overnight canoe trip down the Delaware River Rapids. Thirteen girls, three boy counselors and one girl counselor spent the day canoeing for five hours. The highlight of the trip was when one of the canoes had to be swamped. If anyone should find clothes and glasses at the bottom of the Delaware, Eve Shaw would appreciate their turn. The evening was spent around a campfire cooking our own dinner and drying ourselves out after the day in canoes. Many of the sleeping bags were wet, and so sleep that night found two people to each sleeping bag. More eating took place near midnight when hot dogs and marshmallows were enjoyed by everyone. The trip ended after breakfast the next day when our landings site was in view, and everyone could not wait to return to Camp Ranger.

"Polar Bears, Let's go!" I hear Aunt Ruth shout over the loudspeaker. Lazily, I get into my bathing suit and start to the G.C.O. where I meet Aunt Ruth. We start down to the waterfront observing the plant life as we go down.
As we reach the lake we noticed a fine mist over the waters. The sky is still pinkish from the Sunrise and the lake is golden from the sun's reflection. There is silvery dew on the grass, giving it a glistening effect. Aunt Ruth starts down the ladder into the water. The water is much warmer than it is during general swim, yet it gives you a fresh, awake, tingly feeling. We swim a few calm laps and get out of the lake, refreshed. We start up to girls campus as we hear first called blow. Everyone is hastily preparing for line-up. The day has begun.