On Monday, August 23, 15 Camp Ranger Eagles ventured up the steep slopes of Mount Walnut. Accompanied by Jerry Turner and Bob Stanger, the Eagles scaled the mountain through its dense foliage and rigid rocks. The climb was certainly a challenge for all.
When the boys reached the top they were astonished by both the scenic view and the great height which they climbed. Once tired of taking in the view, our mountain climbers ventured down the mountain through a trail, and then ate lunch out. That's still wasn't the end. After lunch and exciting game of Ring-A-Leavio was played, followed only by the return to Ranger.

Mike Mittleman


Camp is a little boy playing ball with his friends;
It's an argument over a ball or strike;
It's cleaning up the bunk, only to make it messy in the afternoon;
It's older boys playing hockey, while the younger watch in dismay;
It's happy faces down the waterfront on a hot day;
Sad faces in the bunk on rainy day;
It's a feeling of friendship and brotherhood towards one another daily;
That is camp.

Mike Mittleman