Rmmmm, the bus roars, and before I know it, I'm out on the road. After a fairly long trip we came to our destination, Sterling Forest.
When we got off the bus, we walk to a caf where we lunch. After that we had a choice of going on a paddle boat or the Peacock Train. I think everyone went on the paddle boat! It was a twelve minute ride, but it took me a half hour because I got fouled up. I missed half the porpoise show because of it, but I saw enough to know how intelligent porpoises are. Skipper, the performing porpoise could jump high into the air, and land with a giant splash. Skipper even did a hula dance! After that we went for a woodland walk. It was so beautiful; we saw peacocks, weeping willow trees, and two gorgeous water falls. We then went on the Peacock Train. This was a tour around the gardens. We saw a zodiac of flowers, several lakes, gardens, and many other things.
Later, when we went to the animal show. There we saw an educated chicken, a piano playing rabbit, a duck that played the guitar, and a duck that played the drums. The last animal was a pig that took five showers a day. Even though pigs are very stubborn, this one was trained very well. It's really amazing the tricks you can teach animals!
After the animal show, we all bought souvenirs and boarded the bus towards home. I hope you have enjoyed the story of our trip to Sterling Forest.

Sammy Howard

For those people who did not go to Gettysburg or Watkins Glen, Franklin Furnace was the trip for them. Franklin Furnace is an old mine replica and rock quarry which is an exciting experience for anyone visiting it.
A guide showed us how the mine was run and what the old-time miners did. After the tour of the mine, we had our lunch, and started to collect minerals in the open pit. There, we collected fluorescent rocks, which glow under ultra--violet light.
After a long day of prospecting, we then ventured up the steep hill to the awaiting bus. Then, after an eventful bus ride with a bus almost didn't make it up a hill, we arrived back in camp, tired, dirty, and ready for the showers.

Harlan Sonderling