The Inters

Take a group of spirited youngsters, add a large measure of enthusiastic counselors and you've got the Inters!
The girls learned this summer that spirit and sportsmanship can make any game or activity more fun than the skill with which it is played. The girls continually display these attributes during the events they engaged in this season.
Our widely diversified program of arts and crafts, pioneering, swimming, dramatics, boating, bowling, ice-skating and sports events filled our camping days. Certainly the girls will have happy memories long after campus gone.

Barbara Brill

The Deb-teens

The Deb-teen division proved to be very successful the summer. They engaged themselves in many activities which they all seemed to enjoy such as softball, volleyball, newcomb, field hockey, etc. They developed the spirit of sportsmanship and participation during inter-camp games. There travels led them on an overnight canoe trip, Watkins Glen, and Gettysburg, all filled with many memories.
I find it very difficult to express my feeling of gratitude and warmth that comes to mind when thinking of the deb-teens. I hope these words will convey the message.

"You've got a friend; to brighten up even the darkest night; you just call out my name and you know whatever I am I'll come running..."

Carole King

Linda Ziminski

The Seniors

It is hard to imagine how quickly this summer has gone by. Perhaps it is because as a group "seniors" had been very active. Tennis is just one activity which gained us the championship over 5 other camps at Brookwood. Archery, BBG, sailing, boating, swimming and pioneering were just some of our ever active sports. Building a tree house and an underground refrigerator were just some of our achievements. We were always anxious to explore the woodsy Ranger forests, sometimes sleeping out under the heavenly stars.
Talent, Talent, talent, that is what our seniors have. This year "Finian's Rainbow" "Plain and Fancy" and bunk 20's "A Funny Thing Happened ON The Way To The Forum" were all a huge success.
Our trip to Gettysburg was very successful and brought our girls back safe, happy and full of exciting stories and souvenirs.

Phyllis Tannenbaum