This summer Camp Ranger brought together the finest Eagle division in its history. Along with their counselors and group leader, the Eagle's had uncountable good times.
One of the major projects of the summer was the hockey league. The division was divided into six teams. The leading scorers of the league were Jeff Stanger and Harvey Mutterperl. The leading goalies were Howie Rawitz, Jeff Schiller, and Greg Weitzner. The competition was fierce and a good time was experienced by all.
We are looking forward to next summer when the Eagles should be back for a repeat performance.

Charlie Kellman

Hoop league, softball league, inter-camp games with the words that got the seniors and office boys excited the most this year.
Hoop league came about when Jeff Ruskin came two years ago in 1969. Every year it seems to be getting more popular. Ruskin picks five boys who he feels can handle the job, not only as a basketball player, but knows enough about the game to coach all the other boys. These boys then become captains and player coaches of their own team. There is a draft where the five captains get together to divide the talent and form the five teams.
In softball league there are four captains who have a draft also. The senior division takes intercamp games differently from most of the camp. The seniors take intercamp games as the way they can prove to everybody else how strong, determined and great they really are. Their first intercamp game was against Kewanee. The senior B team softball team defeated camp Kewanee with an impressive victory.
The senior division is not 29 senior boys, the 29 mature men working together for summer. I will end this article with a quotation that appears in every senior bunk:

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"

Jeff Ruskin