The tense feeling in each girl was dissipated as their candle was lit by a camper who had been here the previous year. Friendship was emanated through all by the warm feeling achieved by lighting and relighting each other's candles.

With candles ablaze, the girls proceeded from the serene water front and assembled around the flagpole. As the tears fell from everyone's eyes, the entire camp joined together for a chorus of "Friends" that brought to an end a beautiful evening and shed a new light on the forthcoming eight weeks.

Marla Schaffer and Arlene Resnick


How. Every Thursday night the evening activity on Girls' side is tribes. Girls camp was divided into four teams. The: Arawaks, Tajos, Weehawkens, Navajos competing non-athletically. Each tribe was headed by the team members.

There were such events as a scavenger hunt, an anagram, a sing down, and a sense game, organized and run by the CIT's. By showing interest and enthusiasm, they created an air of spirit and excitement among the campers.....How.

Arlene Resnick and Marla Schaffer

Birthday Ball

Aunt Ruth's birthday was celebrated in a rather special way this year. The girls were divided into groups according to the season in which they were born. Each group created a prop and a song symbolic of their season and dressed accordingly.

The "Birthday Ball" program began with the summer group presenting the 4th of July, the first anniversary of the astronauts landing on the moon, and the camping season, as their theme.