Christmas in July

As we look back at the past eight weeks spent here at Ranger, there have been many memorable events that have highlighted our summer. No one can say that creativity and imagination have been lacking from Girls camp.

Who ever heard of a "Christmas in July?" Sounds crazy, no? But right here at Camp Ranger, anything is possible.

This unforgettable activity took place on a rainy Tuesday in July. Each bunk was asked to write a song and present a gift of their choice to the bunk they chose at random. For the remainder of the afternoon, the girls worked diligently, preparing for the evening presentation.

To help create the Christmas spirit, the three group leaders Lois, Wendy, and Beth dressed up as Santa Claus and proceeded to lead the dining room in a rousing burst of Christmas carols.

At the sound of evening activity the girls assembled in the rechall anxious to present their work and receive their gift. The spirit of giving reflected the mood of the days activity.

By...Sandy Rusnak and Eileen Levy

Friendship Fire

Ranger '58, 1-9-5-8, 1958, Ranger '59

Waiting to hear their year sounded, the oldest Ranger girls mingled with the new to begin the 1970 season at Ranger. The friendship fire, a ritual here at camp, serves to bring the camp together into one large family.