Jill: Howie, throw me in!
Linda: throw me in!
Nancy: throw me in!
Howie: Barrel of carrots - Get wet!
Jill: Watch me dive!
Linda: Watch me dive!
Nancy: Watch me dive!
Lisa: Manny - Watch me dive!
Jill: Howie, how was my dive?
Linda: how was my dive?
Nancy: how was my dive?
Howie: Marla, can you give me a minute of your time and watch the water please?
Howie: Arlene, how many in deep?
Arlene: 23
Manny: I got 22
Howie: It's close enough!
Buddy Board
(Howie and Manny signal each other at exactly the sametime to indicate their respective desires for a buddy count as 22 is not really close enough. Whistle blow)
Howie: Deep water quiet down.
Deep water countoff.
Manny: Hyla and Michele -Will you be quiet during a buddy count?
Howie: Where's Number 8?
Manny: Where's Number 8?
Number 8: EEEight
Manny: Meryl and Randy...
Howie: OK, everybody out! Don't forget to check out. Let's go!
Howie, from inside boat house: Is everybody gone?