Manny: OK, go ahead.
Jill & Eve: Oh, thank you!
Little Jill: Where's my raft?


Howie: Salmon, sit down, You're not supposed to ask us questions. Everybody into the bleachers and quiet.
Big Karen Friedman: Howie, I don't feel too well. I don't want to go out in a boat - I'll vomit!
Howie: OK Karen - shallow water check-in.
Howie: Counselors, can you please get the children seated and quiet.
Manny: Marcia and Vicki, take a boat out on the left lemon line.
Karen: Howie said I could take shallow water check-in.
Manny: OK. Arlene take deep.
Little Caren Friedman: Manny!
Manny: Don't ask me questions. You're supposed to be in the bleachers.
Caren: Manny, I broke both legs.
Manny: Caren, run over here and show them to me.
Inter division in unison: Can we go in?
Howie: Gutterhead, get out of the water.
Inter division in unison: Can we go in?
Manny: You can't go in until you're told to...OK, everybody in!
Howie: Let's go - clear my dock. I'm counting to 3 - if you're not in by then, check out!
Howie: One
If you belong in deep, get there.
Manny: Wendy and Janice - How many times do I have to tell you to stay off the lemon line?

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