Sounds of Day

The morning dawns. Did we awake?
The Polar bears go Down to the lake. The others slowly Open their eyes
And ask if it is Cold outside.
Line up blows-
They quickly rise, Throw on their clothes
Between their
sighs ...
The flag is ready
But the CITS are not
So we hum the tune
As the day gets hot-
Breakfaast is a joyful meal
Of hard boiled eggs
Cottage cheese
And cereal.
After that
We clean the bunk
And throw out
All the paper junk
Inspection follows
On clean up's heels,
But still are found

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The gum-wrapper peels...
Activity sounds
And the argument starts
As to what they should do
And what's close to their hearts
The battle continues
With time to stop
For the stomachs that starve
But the entree's a flop
While the tuna sits
On the table untouched.
The turkey roll's ordered
And devoured so much.
As Aunt Jean travels on
To and fro to get more-
And the count goes out
Of those against and for
A game of volleyball
But their legs are sore;
Swim call arrives
And down the camp trickles-
There are swimmers and boaters
Watch canoes jiggle!
Dinner comes and goes
As does Free play,
Activity, taps,
That ends the day...
With a little canteen and
Sends ups too-
So we can have dreams
Of teh Ranger we knew.