Our Last Will

Arlene Putterman: a paid vacation; the other 7 weeks, Bunk 19A
Wendy Rosen: the first one to get it; tennis is a platonic game; appalled! Beth and Lois
Lois Slatin: a tennis ball; plunger, a bareless night the second one to get it; Wendy and Beth. Appalled.
Beth Salomon: a Kagy chauffeur to drive her to camp Oswego; appalled! Wendy and Lois. The last one to get it
Barbara DiCicco: a mini-Manny to explain the workings of her private john

Howie Arrak: a girl all to his own; a warm night to cool his flesh
Manny Bloom: a playboy bunny; an after hours visitor--or two--or three?
Jack Fine: color war razzes that can be understood; glue to stay stuck to the road post bench
Andy Moss: a piano that plays by itself

Since no one else left anything to us, we decided to leave it to each other.

Edwin Kagan
Peter Cohen

"Pistol" Pete Cohen - o why o why did my baby go---so early in the summer; a good way to spend the lonely summer nights; a lot of good friends; an insensitive boob; a lead in a camp play in 1974; bunks 13, 19, 19A; Julie, a room that he can decorate; a smokers cough; a ride to his room; a day in the infirmary without being sick; a permanent day off; inactive days and active midnights with any girl; and a good year at a jock school.

Edwin Kagan - B & B; a car wash; a Chevrolet album; a last minute part; a new camp car; a tape deck for his car; a stomach virus for five days; a night in 19; a key to the soda machine; a trip to Cornell and Cortland; "Hi Eddie, I'm -----, are you ready"; Solomon the Wise; Santana; a head counselor; a heavy rap with Ed; a back rub; active days and active nights; the office boys; making it at the canteen scene; and in all sincerity, a trip to Europe.