BoysCounselor's Last Will and Testament

Glenn Sharfin: if he had a good summer, it was Cohencidental!
Bob Delgado: Tevye and a black Russian
Steve Feigelis: a season pass to Chipinaw
Ronnie Kraemer: a preoccupation with prem? Right on!
Howie Buchalter: anyone want some Crush? Community soda!
Steve Bass: What's a bunk counselor?
Jeff Eichner: supercampership
Joel Levine: supercamper's sidekick
Steve Roe: a Franklin Square for the man from Shimung
Mark Cheser: a stripped bed! (8 of them?)
Pete Berger: Danny Turner
Dave Silver: "You stitcher, you nothing!" Right? Of course right!
Wayne Grau: a box of kleenex
Al Stricoff: a solid gold ham radio
Mark Podhorzer: maybe it's Binn a good summer
Barry Gordon: a silver bullet
Mitch Korder: a pair of cuffed pants
Mike Strauss: stilts autographed by Alan Freed
Howie Stern: so what do you have against razor blades?
Butch Rubin: a purple nurple (or two--or six)
Joe Endzweig: a good-looking girl waiting at the office
Jeff Meropol: a PEACEful color war
Gary Turk: chicken soup, just like mama's (?)
Jay Selcov: electrified Brylcream
Ronnie Vogel: Pssssssst! Spray shampoo
Jeff Ruskin: the lead in "Hair"
Ken Korder: earplugs for when on a date - suffer!
Steve Pelta: R.M. casts a giant shadow. It's yours!
Howie Boll: the governorship of Puerto Rico
Richie marks: Bodacious tatas?
Gross, man!
Mark Roseman: an unbroken glass
Sam Wohlstadter: a years supply of curl-free
Ken Barre: directions to the A/C
Doug Feder: an O.D. post (forever)


Arlene Resnick: an 8th camper to look after, an Ashley sister, an astute letter and phone call
Karen Friedman: a Pink Panther, a Samantic formula for a toady
Binnie Goldhirsch: 2 peas in a "pod", a federation camp, a braid that can't friz
Marcia Kaplan: a silver rifle; a matchless match
Ronnee Weinstein: a green VW! A whole summer
Marla Schaffer: make new friends, but keep the old, one is Silver and the other Golden
Eileen Levy: Sandy! a portable bathroom, a "bobbin", the part of Tzeitel
Vicki Hopman: una desa corecta! A Beatle on a "perch"
Phyllis Ludwig: Krame-de- Moss is a French dish; work!
Sandy Rusnak: full partnership in the Trident Gum Company Eileen; a plane ticket to Michigan; a nausea pill
Phyllis Cohen: a computer date; the third division of the unconscious; a revised "Taro Card" reading
Sue Wolfe: sorcerer's nails, an endless summer
Elise Sinuki: a cup of Joe; Bunk 16 on a good canoe trip
Barbara Lambach: a night out of camp, a gage for her campers
Tris Mileikowsky: one summer romance; the other lead in Fiddler
Charlotte Feigenbaum: a formal date; a permanent bunk
Carol Reed: dual residences at both boathouses; Hebrew lessons, a pillow